Summer Reading

Recently,  I bought two books at the Japanese bookstore. When I was there,  I thought to myself,  “Man, I took a Japanese history class in college but I don’t remember much (this was because I was way late that day,  not because I overslept, but because I bussed to class and just my luck that there were 2 major accidents on the highway delaying me almost the entire class period). Therefore, I decided I want to refresh my memory. Also because I plan to visit Japan one day before I die. So the book I bought is called,  “Seeing Kyoto” by Juliet Winters Carpenter. So far, I read the first section,  the Heian Period. Heian (平安) in Japanese means peace. Therefore,  it is safe to deduce that for the most part,  it is the peaceful era. Also, it was the era where they prospered. The Heian Period started 794 and ended in 1185. 

As I read more, I will update this post,  so please check back for more! 

I love summer nights where you don’t need to get up early the next morning for work and can stay up late reading and sipping on hot tea!

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