Visiting relatives

Hi guys,  back again on this blog from the air!  The later portion of my trip was to visit my relatives, especially my grandfather who is aging. Aging way too fast.  He has to live in a nursing home.  Thankfully,  he is in stable condition.  I am glad i took this opportunity to visit him whilst i still can.  When i first visited him, my heart automatically and immediately sunk so low,  i felt that i couldn’t even find it. I learned that this feeling was called sorrow. I went with my uncle for my first visit. When we entered his room, i smiled as we made eye contact.  He just continued to look at me.  After a coupe minutes,  he asked who i was.  I told him who i was.  After a coupe more minutes,  he forgot who i was (due to his Alzheimer’s and dementia). I patiently reminded him who i was.  Later, he asked me who my mother was.  Then,  continued to ask me who my father was.  As,  i visited him more and more,  he was able to remember who i was, who mother and father was.  Afterwards, he asked me how i felt about my grandpa. I told him how i felt. I also told him,  i understand that this is life, circle of life.  However,  because my grandpa passed so much knowledge to me, i feel so close to him. I see him as both a mentor and a family member. I am glad to be one of his grandchildren. I am glad i can be part of this family. Grandpa is a kind hearted person who is warm at heart, giving, and caring. My uncle also is another person in my life who pass on many great advices and has a big impact in my life. I am close to both grandpa and uncle. During my stay in Houston, Texas, my uncle was very hospitable and warm. He even took the day off from work just so he can take me out for daytrips. I really appreciated the gesture. I can’t wait until the next time i can see them in person.  

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