Hello fellow readers! Recently, I started getting into french pressed coffee! Ok, first off, I have to say that I love how I can make cafe style coffee results at home. I just started using a french press, so still need lots of practice! So far, I like how I can use my favorite brand of ground coffee and a french press to make smooth tasting coffee at home! ❤ for ☕!  Ok guys, time for me to get back to work! Enjoy some coffee while you work!

05. 04. 17

Just started reading this is Called, Meiji·Ayakashi Modern. Bought this book for the purpose of practicing and improving my Japanese. So far, it’s interesting. However, it is challenging since it uses archaic terms. In contrast, I am able to decipher/compare it to its modern equivalence. For example, in Japanese, when entering or leaving a room, you say shitsureishimasu (失礼します)  However, back during Edo/Meiji period, they used Ojyamashimasu (お邪魔します). I did a quick Google search and turns out I was right! Shitsureishimasu IS the modern equivalent. Awesome! Lets read more! 😈😎

04. 30. 17

Where I am living, it is currently warming up. Spring is definitely arriving! Erhm, i meant summer? Anyways, just got off from work. Man, is it warm today! So i decided to stop by for some boba! Definitely need the refreshment! Cant wait to sit back and relax!  Dont want to wait…! >_<

04. 28. 17

I decided to  have some me time earlier this afternoon. I also had to make a bank run. So I decided to go for it! First, I went to the bank to take care of my bank run. After i finished with my bank run, I went for dinner at Sala Thai. One of the better Thai restaurants here in the bay! In Fremont there are at least three of four locations! (Yes, that’s how good they are!) Anywho, dinner was great. A bit tad too good! So I then decided to go to the nearby park for a post-dinner stroll to exercise it off! What perfect timing! Timing couldnt have been better! Weather was perfectly cool! Not too hot like earlier today and not too cold yet! Dont get me started on the sunset! Oh, it was just perfect! Oh perfectly gorgeous! Muah! Loved it! It was such a nice stroll around the park! Ok, fine! You got me! For those of you who plays Pokemon Go, knows I only go there for pokemon go! Gotta admit it! Guilty as charged! Ok, all kidding aside, I had a great time by myself. Cuz, sometimes, you need to be by yourself just to recollect yourself for whats to come….Anyways, hope you guys enjoy the pics!


01. 03. 17

Hello again, fellow readers! Its been a long while since I last posted.

First off, happy new year! (I hate saying this cuz the new years I’m used to, isn’t until later.) Anyways, thats not what Im posting about today. Moving on…

Now for the good part!

Just now, a fellow friend, who I randomly, well ok, somewhat randomly, met on the bus a couple years back, just sent me a message on hangouts saying, “Long time no see”. When I first met him, I barely made it onto the bus going home, and the only seat available was next to him. Whenever I sit down, i usually take a quick glance around me to know my surroundings and this time, i happen to see his phone’s keyboard is hangeul (한글, korean alphabet system). So, in result, I somewhat turned to him and said, “oh, hangeul!” He replied, “Oh, you know hangeul too?” I then replied, “Only a little bit. However, I want to learn how to speak.” From there, we started talking the rest of the bus ride back to Fremont. Towards the end of the bus ride, he asked me where are the popular tourist areas and also wheres the nearest Starbucks. I gave him directions to Starbucks, which was just one to two minutes walk away. I also gave him my contact information (aka my email) in case he wants me to show him around. In the end, I did show him around town. Long story short, you never know who youll meet! (And also become friends!) 😎

My current thoughts: Its so cool how you can meet a stranger in life and talk to them, have a deep honest conversation, and then strike up a friendship out of thin air! At least for me, its mind blasting! 💥 (Ok, that was a reference from Russel Peters, the comedian.) Just think about it, what are the odds that our paths would cross on that day and we would become friends! Yes, one could argue that I didnt need to strike a conversation with him starting with Hangeul. I couldve kept to myself and continued to listen to my music through my earbuds. However, i chose differently that day. I chose to, hopefully, help someone in need. Now I see that I did. I helped him build good memories. /Sharerant/

Oh, forgot to mention, he (i believe) was a foreign exchange student from South Korea. Shortly after me showing him around town, he went back to his home country. From then until now, communication was lost. However, this small short message is a great reminder for myself to keep in touch not only with close friends, but those afar and abroad as well.

Hopefully yall was able to take something away from my experience just now! 🙂

Good night!  Bedtime is calling me! 😴🌘



Hello fellow readers! Hope everyone recovered completely from the recent Halloween festivities and sweets! Recently, about a week before Halloween, I went on a weekend getaway with two of my friends. I planned this trip since around this time of the year last year and it was definitely a much needed weekend getaway. Now for the fun part, all the photos!

Richardson’s Grove State Park, Garberville, CA

Avenue of the Giants (Rte 254)

Founder’s Grove, Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Just imagine, you yourself, standing amongst these big giants that are towering over you casting you into mostly darkness. Then, you decide to walk around and explore the surrounding area. Then, you stumble into this area with a long, miles-long, redwood lying there on the ground among the standing and hovering redwoods. You simply are awe struck and speechless at the magnitude and grandiosity of these living things. I, myself, have that feeling everytime i go back and look at these photos or whenever I return to where I left my heart. Enjoy! 😎


New Chapter:

First chapter of my adult life has just recently closed and another one is about to begin. Or at least that is how I see it. The first chapter was from working with Amazon. I worked there for four months.  To be honest, Amazon is a great place to work, the place itself is great. However, some things just wont change. Now I recently quit for a job at Google. Since having quit yesterday, I feel a mixture of emotions. I met great people at Amazon. I am sad that I had to resign suddenly and did not get to say my goodbyes personally. Some may think, “Man, it sucks to have to go through that!” Yes it did suck to have to go through it. However, sometimes you need to do what your body (can be physically or mentally or both) needs.  Another feeling is that I feel liberated in the sense that this Amazon chapter and the whole ordeal is over with. Closed. Finished. Over. Done. Sayonara. You get the idea by now.

Second chapter includes: dont have to put up with people you dont like, better pay, and best of all I saved the best for last – shopping! Now thats what I call new chapter and fun!

However, I learned tremendously from this experience by working at Amazon. One being that there will be two types of people in the work environment, the hard workers and the slackers who can get away with anything and everything. You just got to let them be and sooner or later management will find out one way or another. Another one being, if you are on good terms with everyone, or at the very least as many coworkers as possible, somehow through all the craziness (sometimes I even find myself asking, will I ever get over this craziness or will it scar me permenantly?) , everything will work out. I have also learned something about myself.  I learned that if you dont actively pursue it, you will not achieve it. The past or former me thought, “Heck, for a guy like me that majored in languages, I dont think I would be hired or even considered for a big named company like Amazon or Google!”  I assessed my own skills, characteristics, etc and all i could come up with was, “wow, do I suck!”Look at me now, I was hired for Amazon. To top it off, maybe even Google! However, the now me is coming up with better. A brand new me. More confident in what I do. Ready for what the world has to offer. Ready to take it on. Ready to explore my career choices. Essentially, what Im trying to say is, have confidence in yourself and go for it! Tackle the world! Conquer it!

Lastly, I would like to leave my readers with two quotes:

The first one being:

“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.”

— Yehuda Berg

The second one being:

“Giving credit where credit is due is a very rewarding habit to form. Its rewards are inestimable.”

– – Loretta Young  

Now you understand why I titled this post “New Chapter

Now come to think of it after reading these two quotes, a random thought just popped up and I feel the need to express it. Long story short, if you see something wrong at work, speak up to the right people. Choose your words and battle carefully. Just a thought.




Falling asleep. Early afternoon pick-me-up before work on a lazy Sunday. Can I just not go into work and enjoy the day more? Sigh. I guess I hafta go into work so I can earn that dough. バイトがサボりたいだが…しょうがないだな。他の方法がないんだ。ホンマに行かへん。


生活はいいだけど、ライフ ドラマが 失恋されちゃった…
それから、今心は嵐みたいね、平安がない…もめちゃくちゃだった。しょうがないだな… 一つだけ方法は紅茶を飲んが今は飲んたら遅すぎたなぁ…今どうしようかなぁ?でも、 将来はちゃんと大丈夫だと思ってでしょうね。

みんな様、 ボイフレンドやガルフレンドがないだったら、未来は絶対にstraightforwardしてお願い致します。
Straightforwardしないだったら、相手ちゃんと心中は痛過ぎるな!この感じは誰にもお願わないよ。本当に。 この感じは痛過ぎるよ。そして、 お願い致します!

My mood:
My Heart Hurts by Hwanhee:




Hello fellow bloggers! Its been a while!

Hope you guys had a fun holidays season and all the holidays between then and now as well! Talking about which, July 4th is just right around the corner!

Anyways, i just finished my summer session! What a month it has been! Anyways, these two thick as heck course readers will not be missed! Goodbye and good riddance!

Enjoy 4th of July and stay safe!



Hello fellow bloggers! Its been a while since I last posted! Hope all is well with you! Want to wish you guys a fun, safe, and happy holiday season! 🙂 Ever since, the holiday season arrived, I’ve been busy with White Elephant gift exchange, running errands, studying for Finals, taking care of chores, etc (essentially, this thing called life…) More and more, I’ve been slowly getting into the holiday spirit, a little bit more each year. So this year, I’ve been making Homemade Peppermint Patties (which I’ll post on my other page, Recipe, so feel free to head over once you finish reading this post!) This is my first year aking Peppermint Patties, so I was unsure (and shy) on how to make it! After the first batch though, I quickly got the hang of it! So, Peppermint Patties are one of the easiest sweets to make at home! (No joke!) For the second batch, I took some over to the casual dinner the other night to share with my relatives. They loved it! (Yes, it’s that good! 😛 ) Well, I better get started on the recipe on my other page! Until then, Merry Christmas! Have fun and stay safe peeps!




今日は本当に感謝してと思いますから、近くの皆さん一緒に晩飯を食べて餃子を作っての間にヒューストンの家族一緒にスカイップしました。 本当に嬉しかった!今日ずっとは家族一緒にいました。本当に大切の時間がありましたので、最近はぜんぜん一緒に飯を食べたとか餃子を作らなかったの原因です。それから、今日本当に嬉しくてと思います。 将来はもうぜんぜんあまり一緒にいません。考えって時は本当に悲しくて始めましていますね!悲しくてから、両親は上海で一年ぐらい住んでいます。両親は上海に行くのでお父さんは仕事を見つけました。でも、も神様に感謝してとおもいます!でも、今は本当のgood opportunityに生活のXPが学びます。終わり…じゃあ、またね!

今天又覺得神真的有在照顧和牽著我爸爸的手,帶著他耶!因為他還是在繼續去禮拜二晚上男人的讀經。已連續去了三四次了。不只去禮拜二的,但禮拜天早上還跟媽媽去教會耶! 真的要謝神。都是神在管理的。哇塞! 神真的有在帶我爸走。真的覺得超鼓勵的耶! 我真的希望末有一天爸爸能來相信神和著迷牠的完美。弟兄姐妹們, 拜託麻煩幫他禱告! 謝謝!


Just wanted to share my pieology experience with you guys!


私のpieology経験を分け合わたい!そして, 樂しんでください!


Took another Japantown trip today! Had tons of fun exploring the area more! Had lunch there, grocery shopping, and even got a bonsai/ikebana tree for myself! 🙂






Hope you enjoyed reading about my mini adventure today! \(^o^)/


Cooked dinner bcuz everyone else already have their own plans, so….had to think what to eat, what to eat?! Ok, so I decided to cook Korean white noodles in Japanese tempura sauce with broccolis with spicy chicken wing pieces as a side that my mom warmed up ealier. Sounds good? Hungry again? Just kidding!

既然大家今天都忙, 只好自己去煮晚餐吃。 但,要吃什麼, 可以吃什麼呢?! 所以,就決定要煮湯麵吃! 就先滾水。 水滾了以後,在假如hondashi,醬油,和mirin。 再讓它滾起來。 滾了以後, 再放broccolis下去滾和泡一下。 滾了以後, 就可以放在腕裡吃了! 聽起來好吃嗎? 肚子又餓了嗎?開玩笑的! 底下存了照片分享。請慢用! 🙂




開動囉! 下次見囉!

昨天太高興了! 昨天自己開車趣mitsuwa超市去買菜,因為今天想煮飯給爸媽吃。在去mitsuwa超市的路上,就順路去237的99看一些東西的價格。 結果,那邊的cabbage超便宜的!!所以就買一團。 然後, 就想試吃牛丼 (gyuudon)的口味。 哈哈。 或許應該不會失敗了吧? 哈哈。



Watched a Japanese movie which turned out to be way toooo boring for me….but I really wanted to eat ramen, but I don’t have ramen at home….so this’ll just have to do for now… Enjoy! (Btw, I just used what I had at home, aka leftovers that my parents cooked…) image

Went to a Thai/Lao restaurant near my place with a fellow brother from church. Definitely had a good tome fellowshipping with fellow brother! Here is what I had ordered:


Red Curry Paste Coconut Soup Based Noodle Soups. So good!!
@ Green Champa Garden on Fremont Blvd. in Fremont. CA.
Good food, good time of fellowship, good convoy! 😀



I was busy with studying for finals yesterday, so i didnt get a chance to blog.

As for yesterday, I was very productive yesterday. Came home from class, while eating, I started typing my take home essay which is part of the final exam. After I was about 1/3 done, I was so tired, that I decided to take a 35 min power nap. After I woke up, I felt much refreshed, so I finished the essay right on time, 4:30PM on the dot. Then, went to shower. After showering, i was able to kill about 10 mins before i headed out to meet with my friend to study together. After I got to the Starbucks, I ordered my drink and continued studying, all the way until almost 11PM.

As for today, I woke up around 8:20AM and met with my other friend at starbucks to finish studying for my final tomorrow. I finished studying at about 12:40PM. Afterwards, I headed home. After I got home, I ate lunch and relaxed up until 2:45PM which was when we left to pick up grandma from SFO airport. On the way to the airport, we took CA-237, which had severe traffic at 3 in the afternoon on a Tuesday afternoon, which was weird. So i sugggester we turn on the radio. Turns out, there were 4 different bush fires/ wildfires. Thus, we had to detour onto local roads and then onto highway US101-N. By the time we got onto highway US101-N, there was also severe traffic. This time, due to an accident that took place. After a long while, we finally made it to the airport and picked up grandma and left. For dinner, we went to a buffet in Union City. Man, are we stuffed! Haha. More later…



Just wanted to say to all those mothers out there and all those friends of mothers that have guided and shepherded me in my growing, thank you so much! Happy Mothers Day! Hope you guys did something special for all those mothers out there! 🙂


I had such a great time at our family get together today! Seeing old faces, catching up with relatives, and making plans with cousins for the upcoming summer vacation! Man, just thinking about it, makes me super duper excited already! But for now, Ill just focus on finals and then my summer vacation will be here! 😀




Hello fellow blog readers!

It is a pleasure to announce that I will be officially posting here from now on! Hopefully you guys made your way over here with no problems and with ease! J

As for updates….

Spring break just started for me! So far, I am definitely enjoying my spring break! I like it! Got time to relax and read the Bible (hopefully I will use this time wisely! :P) As for plans, just hanging out with friends, homework, and that’s about it!

That is it for now! More later!


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