Garden Omelette:

Serves 1.


• 1 egg
• spinach
• mushrooms
• 1/2 roma tomato
• mini bell pepper
• crumbled goat cheese


1) dice the mushrooms, mini bell peppers, and mushrooms into bite size pieces.
2) rip the spinach into bite size pieces.
3) crack and beat the eggs in a small bowl.
4) oil and beat pre-heat the pan/mini cast iron skillet.
5) mix the veggies into the beaten eggs.
6) pour mixture into pan/mini cast iron skillet. Let it cook for about 5 to 10 minutes.
7) remove from pan/skillet and serve.

Tip: If you prefer melted cheese with your omelette, you may add the crumbled goat cheese in step #5. Or, if you prefer it fresh, you may top it at the end when serving instead.

Happy cooking! 😎