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March 28, 2014
After I bought a ball of twine, I’ve been thinking about the usage and ideas….found some on pinterest, but color looks too plain/cliche, so I decided to add my own twist to it. I found an old jar at home and I had a maple tree in my front yard…what a great idea! Why didn’t I think of it earlier?! Jk, but still. Overall, didn’t spend too much money either! 🙂 Here is the result:


March 22, 2014
Recently got twine for another DIY project. Realized there’s too many usage for twine. Decided to create/braid a small bookmark or keychain deco….



March 15, 2014:
     I recently got a pinterest account. Still getting used to it. The whole point of me getting a pinterest account is just to get ideas and create my own diy projects around house and in my own life (aka to get organized, etc.). It’s pretty cool. Yesterday’s pins are:
1) photo frames acting as “whiteboards”
2) old jeans being recycled (for this one, I actually took this idea and made it better! I’m surprised they didn’t have what I was thinking of!) and lastly,
3) Thankful Jar (you start this in Thanksgiving, but anytime as well, you write what you are grateful/thankful for once a day.)

So far, these three are the ones I plan to start within the next couple days.

     我最近開了一個Pinterest的帳號,因為我想要organize我自己。自己還在explore。 昨天看到的pins是:
1) 把框片變成白版。
2)  從用久的牛仔褲。 (其實,沒有找到我想的,但沒關係, 我自己想到好辦法! 做好以後,我會波照片的)
3)  感恩瓶, 每一天,寫一件感恩的事,然後放到瓶裡。 三十天後, 把它拿出來看看。

我大選我先從這三個開始吧。 完成這三個以後,再找新的吧。



Whiteboard idea (白版注意)

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