Lavender How-to step by step

As everyone says, lavender is easy to plant. However, what I didnt realize was that lavender needs good drainage. You can plant lavender in a pot and have it either indoors or outdoors. For this tutorial, I will be talking about transplanting lavender in a new pot. In this tutorial, I will explain everything step by step. So, let’s dive in!

Intro to Lavender:

Hello fellow readers, for those of you new to Lavender, there are three main types of Lavender:

1) English Lavender:

• Used in culinary, potpourri, etc

2) French Lavender

• used as decorative purposes

3) Spanish Lavender

• also used as decorative purposes.

As for mine, I have 3 types of Lavender, English Lavender, Lady Lavender (a subspecies of English), and Spanish Lavender. However, in this Intro/tutorial, I used my English Lavender as an example.

Step 1:

Have a pot big enough for it to grow. For example, if your lavender plant is about medium sized, I would buy around 10 inch diameter pot. If you would like to use a pot plate, I was able to get free rocks/broken bricks from my local hardware store so, I put three relatively same sized pieces on my pot plate.

Step 2:

Put rocks on the bottom of the pot so when watering the water can quench the soil but drain out as well so your precious lavender plant is not sitting in water.

Step 3:

Fill the pot about halfway and make a hole big enough for your precious Lavender plant. Place your lavender plant into the hole and start filling around your lavender. Gently compact the soil around your lavender plant. Fill up to just below the rim of the pot. Once you’re done, you can give it a good quenching. Once you finish watering your lavender pot, I would give it a week or two before watering again.

Tip: If you’re wondering what type of pot to buy/use, I would definitely recommend a terra cotta pot. Why? Because, after you water, you can see the darker shade of the pot. As it dries, you can see the lighter shade starting to come back and you can use that as an indicator to water again.

Another tip is to use miragrow’s moisture control potting mix. On top of the layer of rocks at the bottom of your pot.


Remember to go through your lavender plant and remove any dead leaves/stems/branches. This way, once you remove the dead matters, itll allow for new growth.


1) Good drainage either via Rick’s at bottom or mix in sand with your potting mix.

2) water somewhat frequently at first and then sparingly as your lavender plant grows. Let the top 50-75% soil layer dry out and then water again.

3) Remove any dead matter.

These are what dead matter looks like:


Taken 05/01/19
Taken 05/01/19

If you have any further questions, feel free to shoot me an email!

Let me know how yours turns out!

Good luck!