Japanese Calligraphy 書道


Kanosei wa bugendai: the possibilities are endless.
Makeji tamashii: unyielding spirit
Kiki no Takyubin: Kiki’s Delivery Service. One of my couple favorite Studio Ghibli Hayazaki films.
Kansha: grateful. Always be grateful.
Shyumatsu: weekend. Enjoy it.


“Ryouyaku wa kuchi ni nigashi” meaning: advice when most needed is least needed. Sometimes, you need to be willing to endure hardship to grow!


“Shirazaru wa ayamareru ni masaru” means: Being silent but assumed ignorant is better than making a fool of oneself.


“かんしゃ, kansha ” means thankful


“Haru, Natsu, Aki, Fuyu” means: spring, summer, autumn, winter
“Hibi seicho” means: everyday growth


“Hito no kokoro no itami ga wakanakereba hito no ue ni wa tatenai” means: If you want to understand the pain in people’s heart, then dont stand on top of people. Aka, in order to understand others pain, step into their shoes.
“Kandou” meaning: (you’re) deeply moved by something or someone
“Hana” meaning: flower. Left side: cursive, right side: standard
“Subete no yume wa jitsugen dekiru oikakeru yuuki ga arunara.”


These were handwritten by flexible tip marker pen.

Ganbatte Means: “Good Luck” in Japanese
Egao Means: “Smiling face”
Akiramenai Means: “Dont give up!”
Kibou means:”hope”

The rest of the pics are sayings I found on Google.

“Kanosei wa bugendai” means: the possibilities are endless
“Hito wa wasureru koto ni ikite ikeru” means: People can live to forget (and forgive context).
Top: “Tsuyu” means: Rainy season; bottom: “hanabi” means: fireworks;

Left side: standard version, right side: cursive version

“Tsuyoi ningen wa jibun no jinsei wo nagekanai” means: A strong person does not mourn his own life
“Omae no michi wo susume hito ni wa katte na koto wo iwasete oke” means, progress yourself and let others say selfish things.
“Tanin to kurabenai jibun ni makenai” means: dont compare yourself with others and dont lose yourself (dont forget who you are context)