Japanese Recipes

07.31.18 肉じゃが (Nikujaga; Beef and potato stew)

Heres the actual recipe. I took this picture from my recipe book. Japanese directions on the left and English on the right.

The recipe directions wasnt clear on the specific portion of beef. So I went ahead and experimented with chuck roast. The place where I bought it also can cut/slice it for you free of charge. Therefore, I went ahead and requested them to thinly slice it for me. All I had to do once I got home was tear it to smaller bite size pieces. I have to admit, I like how hearty the chuck roast meat tasted.

Photos taken on my Nikon D5500:

Enjoy! Let me know how your version turns out! 😎

The tea egg was not part of the original recipe. My mom recently broiled a whole pot full of tea eggs so I include one in my daily diet. 😉