깍두기 볶음밥 (Radish Kimchi fried rice)

Serving: 1-2


• Radish Kimchi
• sugar
• Kimchi hot sauce
• 1 tspn water
• 1 egg
• rice
• sesame oil


1) wash and cook the rice.
2) oil and pre heat pan/skillet.
3) take out how ever many cubed Kimchi radish you would like to eat and quarter them.
4) place them in a bowl.
5) Add Kimchi hot sauce, water, and sugar in that order.
6) mix together.
7) put onto pan/skillet to stir fry.
8) place cooked rice into the pot to stir fry together.
9) Add sesame oil to stir fry together.
10) remove the fried rice from pan.
11) cook the egg to top over the fried rice.
12) Serve and enjoy!