New England 2017

Last year, when I traveled to New England, it was first time there. I went in the month of October for their Autumn colors (Hold onto your pants! We will get there!) There were so many first time’s! Of course, I was nervous! However, I suppressed the nervousness and went on the trip. After all, I worked so hard and busted my butt like I usually do. I deserved to treat myself. This was it! Here, I will share my recommended places for those of you that have never been there before and for those that is going and needs recommendations.

1) Portland, Maine

Entrance to Old Port, Portland, Maine

Old Port, Portland, Maine
Sunset View
Cobblestone Street

Cute, quaint seaside city. Especially the Old Port part of town. Oh, did I mention that they have cobblestone roads?! Yes, please! Right?!

Next up on the list,

2) Stowe, Vermont

I chose Stowe, Vermont because it was out of the way, aka I needed a serene and peaceful location to destress and recharge, that Stowe, VT was the place!

This was where I stayed for the night:|utmccn=(referral)|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/contact.html&__utmv=-&__utmk=12424951

View of hills

View of Common area

Downtown Stowe

Outskirts Stowe

Northfield, Vermont

Salem, Massachusetts

Custom House- historical landmark 👇

Derby Lighthouse👇

Derby Lighthouse Pier👇

Where I stayed in Salem, MA: