Japanese Products


2nd product review: Nagomi body wash 

Once again,  this is for people with eczema like me.  Yes, it sucks to have eczema,  especially during the dreaded scorching desert heat. This body wash is minty so it’ll help during the scorching hot summer nights.  wash with cold water and user this body wash and your body will feel cool and refreshed! Oh right, before I forget, normal price is around USD$7.49 per bottle! Also bought at Mitsuwa Japanese market. 

I’m definitely prepare for this next upcoming week with temps in the 90s! Bring on the heat! Ok,  I’m just kidding! Don’t bring on the heat! As if I need anymore heat, right?

I bought this product instead because they ran out of the one I bought last time, however,  I didn’t want to leave empty-handed because I made the drive all the way from work (RWC=Redwood City) to SJ (San Jose). Therefore,  I thought,  I need a substitute when I truly run out of my favorite body soap.  Hence,  this is where this brand comes in. I couldn’t read the kanji,  but because I knew Chinese,  I immediately knew the first two, 清爽 (qīng shuăng), probably means something along the lines of cool or refreshing.  

1st Product review: Milky Body Soap

I bought it Mitsuwa, a Japanese supermarket, because it was on sale for about USD $7.49 and also because I was born with a skin condition called Eczema.  You may have heard of it by now. If not, that is ok. The cause of eczema varies. May be stress related. Or it may be something you eat. As for food allergens, one common food allergens is peanuts. Another is seafood. Thankfully, my eczema is not food-related. Unfortunately, my eczema is stress related. Therefore, when I ever I get stressed, my eczema will flare up. Especially at the joints, elbows, behind the knees, around my neck, and below my eye but next to my nose area. Therefore, I like to keep my stress in check. However, sometimes, that is inevitable. So, when it’s inevitable, i like to use as natural products as i can/as effective as i can depending on the situation.

As for this product, I just love this body soap. The scent is “fresh”, the “fresh my grandparents used to use in Taiwan. Everytime I use it, it just reminds me of my grandparents that live so far from me! (Actual product description about scent: soft soap scent) As i use this product in the showers, i feel so squicky clean afterwards. Yes, it does feel dry right when I wash it off, but that’s what lotions for afterwards!  All in all, definitely worth trying out and definitely not like those expensive eczema products you find out there.  Definitely budget friendly. Even when it’s not on sale.