Iced Matcha Latte


  • Matcha powder
  • Ice cubes
  • Sugat or condensed milk
  • Hot water
  • Spoon or traditional Japanese tea whisk
  • Sieve/sifter
  • Heat safe mini bowl


  1. Add ice cubes to a heat safe/resistant cup
  2. Add 1 part condensed milk (or about 1/3 cup) (Tip: the amount of condensed milk you put in, will dictate how sweet your drink will be later on)
  3. Add 2 part milk (or about 1/2 cup)
  4. Add matcha powder into the sieve and sift through into a heat safe mini bowl.
  5. Add hot water to the mini bowl with freshly sifted powder.
  6. Mix with spoon or the traditional japanese tea whisk in an ‘O’ and ‘w’ or ‘v’ shape via your wrist.

    7. Once theres a thin layer of foam on top, stop and pour it into your heat resistant cup.
    8. Take a pic, mix, and enjoy!

    • 09.17.18:

    Easy Apple Cider Recipe (Lighter version)


    • Fuji Apple (thinly sliced)
    • Cinnamon Cardamom Herbal Tea (from Whole Foods*)
    • Sparkling Orange flavored water
    • Boiling hot water


    I’m starting to feel Autumn fast approaching the west coast! Enjoy the recipe!



    Recently, I wanted to brew my own coffee at home. My favorite brand of coffee is Peet’s Coffee. Oh my Lord, it is so smooth and heavenly. The only type of coffee I drink is black coffee and milk/cream. No sugar. So, I got an extra french press (suggested by my cousin) from my sister. Oh goodness, it’s amazing! Oh the recipes I want to try! 😲

    Here, where I am living, it was almost 80℉ today! Also, I’ve been meaning and wanting to make this recipe for so long. Finally it’s the weekend! So I thought, why not! Perfect time! So, I hope by sharing this recipe, itll help to keep you cool and not too dehydrated from the summer-like heat!
    Taiwanese Lemon Aiyu (台式檸檬愛玉)

    👉 1 can of lemon Aiyu (bought from Chinese supermarkets
    👉 I black tea teabag
    👉 Half lemon
    👉 A dash of brown sugar


    1) Pour hot/boiling water into a big mug.

    2) Add teabag in and stoop for 1-3minutes (a golden brown color is preferred)
    3) Open can of lemon Aiyu and cut with a fruit knife (or a.medium sized knife). (Tip: dump can of lemon Aiyu into a medium sized bowl, so when scooping, you can scoop with a big serving spoon). Then use the big serving spoon, scoop 2 or 3 spoonful in.

    4) Cut the half lemon into two quarters.

    5) Juice one quarter of lemon directly into the cup. (Tip: remove any seeds with the knife first, then juice it into cup).

    6) Take the other quarter and slice the lemon hotdog-style and add it into your cup.

    7) Slice as many slices as possible hotdog style, then flip the rest and cut into smaller hotdog slices.

    8) Enjoy! 🍹

    9) (optional) if you would like it chilled, then you can stick it into the fridge for a couple hours before enjoying it.
    Finished product:


    Lychee Green Tea

    ☞ 1-2 lychee and juice
    ☞ couple tspns of green tea (gyokuro green tea)
    ☞ hot water
    ☞ strainer (for tea while stooping)

    1) stoop tea in mug or at least cup that can withstand high heat.
    2) While waiting for tea to stoop, cut lychee into tiny cubes or pieces the size of a pea.
    3) After the tea is stooped, add lychee juice into the tea (~4tspns should do) and then add pieces in to the tea.
    4) Serve and enjoy!





    – 1 bag black tea

    – Milk (preferablly half&half, if you dont have it, then any milk is fine)

    – 2-3 spoonful of 5cc sugar

    – medium roast coffee (i bought mine from Ikea, decafinated & grinded; $1.99 at Ikea)


    1) follow the order above. After you have added the last ingrediant, stir well.

    2) Enjoy! 🙂


    Mocha Cappacino:


    3/4 tiny cup Trader Joe’s Mocha Cappacino powder

    spoonful of Ghirdhelli Cacoa powder


    1) Pour 3/4 tiny cup of TJ’s Mocha Cappacino powder into cup.

    2) Add a spoonful of Ghirdhelli cacao powder into cup.

    3) Add hot water.

    4) Stir and enjoy! 🙂

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