Homemade Peppermint Patties:


1) Cream/Condensed Milk (1/2 cup)

2) Peppermint Extract (~2 teaspoons)

3) Confectionary Sugar (add until dough like, but not sticky anymore)

4) butter/Shortening (2 teaspoons)

5) Chocolate chips (3-4 cups; preferably bittersweet, semisweet ok too)


1) In a medium or large mixing bowl, cream together ROOM TEMPERATURE butter/shortening, peppermint extract, cream/condensed milk, and the confectionary sugar. When adding the sugar, add a little bit at a time, dont add all of them all at once! TIP: Mix with hand mixture, not by hand! (I learned it the hard way!) Also, I found it best to mix the sofented butter or shortening in with the patty ingredients.

2) When right consistency and texture has been achieved, place wrapping foil (plastic ones, as shown in picture) TIP: in empty toilet paper cardboard roll for correct form for later. Slowly add the now dough-like consistency and texture into the empty toilet paper roll. Once all dough has been used, tape the bottom up with slightly sticky carpenter’s tape and put it upright (standing) into the fridge to set. Setting takes about 20- 30 or 40 minutes.

3) Check occasionally on the dough, once it starts to get hard, take it out and start melting the chocolate chips! Once the chocolate chips melt into a liquid, cut into about 1/2″ or 3/4″ thickness and dip in chocolate.

TIP: Before you start cutting and dipping, prepare a space to put it. What I did, was I lined the baking tray with plastic wrap. The original recipe called for parchment paper. Using a knife and fork (or spoon) when dipping is easier (and you wont contaminate/foil the rest of your batch) Simply gently drop the patty (with your finger) from the knife and into the dip and scoop the patty out with the fork or spoon.

4) Once you finish dipping, allow the peppermint patties to set a little bit more. Best time to let it set is during your sleep. (At least, thats what I did, I baked it right before going to sleep)

5) Enjoy!

Original recipe@:


Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies:

What the batter should look like.
What the batter should look like.
What it should (roughly) look like. :)
What it should (roughly) look like. 🙂
What the final looks like up close.
What the final looks like up close.

Original recipe located @:

I substituted the chocolate chips with half/3/4 bar of ghirdhelli 100%cacao. I took that and broke it into smaller pieces,  put into a temporary small bowl, then used a metal flat crusher to crush it into smaller pieces so its bite size.  Hope these helps! 🙂

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