Fast and Cheap DIYs!

I will also include in the reflections, three different stars. These three stars refers to how long it will take and also how costly each dish will be to buy the ingredients. 1 star being, fastest and the cheapest. 2 stats being, needs some time and will cost some. Lastly, 3 stars being, requires up to total one hour and quite costly (Im pretty sure the cost is worth it!) For example, ★☆☆ refers to one star, therefore, it is the cheapest and fastest. Or, ★★★, requires one hour and the most costly.

09.27.18 Andouille Meatball pasta and homemade garlic bread

Total cost: ~$25

Total time: ~ 20-30mins. (★★☆)


  • Ground beef
  • Either egg or bread crumbs
  • Andouille seasoning (@Wholefoods)
  • Pasta
  • Pasta sauce
  • French demi baguette
  • Sarvecchio Sartori (a type of parmesan cheese)
  • Minced garlic
  • Ground black pepper
  • Butter


  1. Boil and cook pasta.
  2. Ball them into mini rounds.
  3. Place them on baking sheet. For mine, I placed a total of 15 on the baking sheet.
  4. Bake them at 350°F for 15 mins. If you want it more tender, you can try 13 or 14 mins.
  5. Slice the demi baguette in half length wise.
  6. Mince garlic and melt the butter together in a small bowl.
  7. Spread the garlic mixture onto the freshly sliced demi baguette.
  8. Sprinkle ground pepper onto the bread.
  9. Shave some parmesan cheese on top.
  10. Bake at 350°F for about 10 to 15 mins or until golden.
  11. Remove pasta, add pasta sauce, add meatballs, and parmesan cheese.
  12. Plate the freshly baked garlic bread and enjoy along with your pasta!

8.12.15 Taiwanese Pork Chops

Total cost: $6

Total time: ~ 15-20mins. (w/ overnight marination) (★☆☆)

1) score pork chop meat (the sides) (i used boneless pork chop meat)

2) dice/mince garlic. But first, smash/crush garlic with side of (aka the blade) of the knife. Then dice/mince. Add to ziplock bag.

3) Next, add sugar into ziploc bag.
4) Then, add Chinese Five Spice into ziploc bag.

5) Finally add a hint of soy sauce and some rice wine (not the vinegar type!)

6) Nows the fun part! Marination! Pit all the previously prepared meat into ziploc bag with newly made marination sauce.

7) Marinate from about 20 mins to overnight, depending on how flavorful you like your meat!

8) After marination is compelte, coat with corn starch.

9) Lastly, put vegetable oil into pot and let it heat up before frying. When it finally heats up, put in the coated pork with corn starch and fry it for a good 5 mins on each side until golden on each side!

10) Line serving plate with paper towl to soak the excess oil from the friedpork chop. Serve and enjoy! 🙂

Original recipe: Taiwanese Pork Chops



Tip: Fried pork chops goes great in bento and also goes well with some boba/PMT (pearl milk tea)/ milked beverages!

07.24.15 Homemade Fresh Blueberry Jam

Total cost: ~$9

Total time: ~15-20 mins. (★☆☆)

Original recipe can be found at:

I used 11oz of blueberries, 2 limes, half pack of pectin, and ~11 oz of sugar.

Makes about 1 pt. of Blueberry Jam.

Have fun and stay cool during the summer!


05.21.15 Sea Salted Mackerel
Option A.

Sea Salted Mackerel

Option B.

Sea salt and lemon Mackerel with Fajitas

Total cost: $~6 (3 meals for $6, one meal: ~$2; may be more If you desire a small side salad of your choice)

Total time: 20-25mins. (★☆☆)


• store bought frozen salted mackerel (I got mine from a local small mom-and-pops korean mini mart for $5.99. In the package there are three individually packed frozen mackerel.)

• sea salt (optional)

• oil (to roast mackerel, I used a little bit if the Olive Oil I have at home, but the packaged instructions called for vegetable oil)

1) Wash and cook rice.

2) Right before the rice finish cooking, Oil the pan, then turn the heat up! (Literally…)

3) After the pan has been heated, add the mackerel into the pan to roast/cook.

4) cook side ‘A’ until golden, then flip to side ‘B’. After both sides turned golden, if you like, you may season with a tinsy tiny bit of sea salt on each side for taste. After having tried it, i feel that seasoning with a hint of sea salt really brings the natural mackerel flavor out. Hours later, as I’m editing this post, I can still taste the Mackerel on my lips! Yum!

5) Remove from pan and dish with rice. Enjoy!

6) (optional step) Feel free to add any condiments on top of the rice to enjoy.

(The beverge in the picture above is my homemade milk tea. If you are interested in the Milk Tea recipe, please refer to my other old post. I will post the link when I find it.)

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