Garlic Lemon Lamb Recipe


1) Lamb shoulder chop

2) garlic

3) lemon juice

4) rosemary leaflets

5) Extra Virgin Olive Oil (lemon

flavored optional) (aka EVOO)


1) clean/debone lamb shoulder chop.

2) Cut lamb meat into small chunks/bite size.

3) Chop garlic pieces in halves. About 4-6 pieces depending on how many chops you buy.

4) strip the rosemary leaflets off.

5) In a freezer sized bag, add halved garlic pieces and rosemary leaflets into bag. Add lemon juice. Add EVOO.

6) let it marinade in the fridge overnight (~16 hours)

7) When ready to cook, cook on high on stove with the juices for ~3minutes each side. Flip as necessary until each side is golden brown. When not flipping, cover with lid for the internal meat to cook properly.

8) After about 15mins, turn heat down to medium. Continue flipping as necessary and moving meats inward toward the center of the pan/towards where heat is strongest.

9) Eat and serve when ready. Enjoy!

Tip: Save the bones for a separate recipe coming soon!