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spicy chashu ramen 

Tried new recipe today. 

Turned out not exactly how I imagined it, but can do with the slight difference. Still delicious! 




Decided to make homemade pizza last night. 


• pizza dough

• olive oil 

• mozzarella cheese

• sliced Roma tomato

• diced Portobello mushroom cap (large)

• spinach

• arugula 

• bacon bits 

• fresh basil

• fresh oregano

• two more slices of mozzarella cheese on top

…in that order and in a cast iron skillet! Enjoy


Hello all! For today, I made salmon teriyaki (鮭テリヤキ) at home. The recipe I followed required soy sauce, cooking sake, and Mirin for the teriyaki sauce. First off, in a plastic container, I combined 2 parts of the sake and Mirin and One part of soy sauce together. Next I placed the salmon fillet skin side up for the meat portion to soak and marinade for 1-2 hours. I covered the fillet with a plastic wrap over the entire plastic container and cozily tucked it around the fillet and the inside edge of the container. In the meantime, I went about doing house chores to kill the time. After the 2 hours were up, I oiled the pan and once the pan was heated, I place the salmon fillet skin side down to cook for a little while. In suit, I occasionally flip the fillet to allow it to cook evenly. While it was cooking, I added the marinade sauce on top and then I closed the lid to steam the inside of the fillet. I let it cook and steam for about another 20 minutes. Once the middle is no longer pink raw, it is finally ready to be plated.

And for dessert….


Hello fellow readers! Long time no see! Hope everyone had a great and relaxing Memorials weekend! Just tried this recipe and it was da bomb! Like, heavenly bomb! 😎

I tried an actual sandwich, however bread was too thick, so I decided that I can do a lettuce wrap instead, healthier! Thus:

Baked salmon in lemon garlic butter  recipe can be found at:


Hello fellow readers! Its been a while since I’ve blogged! So this time, I am blogging to share one of my favorite childhood dishes! Ketchup Fried Rice! I will also share the recipe below:


Ketchup Fried Rice Recipe:

~ leftover rice (I used white rice)
~ eggs
~ tomatoes
~ Ketchup

Note: The last three ingredients really depend on how much leftover rice you have.


1) Wash and cut the tomatoes into bite sizes.

2) oil pan (just a tad, just enough to sauteé the tomatoes) and add the tomatoes and sautee on med for ~ 1 min.

3) remove the tomatoes and add eggs and scramble.

4) break rice apart (seeing to it that they stick more after being in the fridge for a good while) before adding the rice in. Add the rice and mix well.

5) Add the tomatoes and mix well.

6) Add ketchup according to the ratio of the other ingredients and to taste.

7) Enjoy! 🙂

As an added bonus~
Taiwan Milk Tea Recipe:

~ 1 Lipton black teabag
~ brown sugar
~ white sugar
~ 2% milk


1) Stoop the black teabag for ~4 mins. (Cup should be just a little bit over 3/4 full)

2) Remove teabag and add milk.

3) add the brown sugar and white sugar
(Ratio should be 1:1 or at least add the same amount of each)

4) Enjoy!

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