Northern California and Oregon Winter Wonderland 2022

Hello fellow readers! Long time no see! Hope everyone is doing well! Last year, I planned another Oregon trip with my travel buddy for January of this year. It’s always so fun to travel with my travel buddy. First stop, Mount Shasta, California. We left bay area in the morning. I picked up my buddy around 7:45am. Left bay area around 8:15am. Arrived for late lunch in Redding, CA at a restaurant called Champa Garden. Champa Garden is a Laotian Restaurant. Really great restaurant. Highly recommended if you’re in the neighborhood! After lunch, we drove to Bunny Flat Trailhead to see if we can get any good shots of Mount Shasta. The drive up the Bunny Flat Trailhead was amazing! Link down below! This is one of the better areas for you photographers out there! We really got lucky that day. Spectacular weather. Almost completely cloudless! After Bunny Flathead Trailhead, we drove to McCloud River Lower Falls, but that turned out to be a flop due to the amount of snow covering the road. (Second to last photo) User error. Oopsies. At least we got great views of Mount Shasta. We stayed in Mount Shasta, CA for one night. This was the view from the hotel room on the morning of departure! (Last photo)

Next stop, Crater Lake National Park in Oregon! We easily spent a good couple hours here! I walked around for a little bit.

I decided to walk around for a little bit and filmed the surroundings. I thoroughly enjoyed the brisk exploring. Our next hotel was in Redmond, Oregon. Redmond, Oregon became our next central hub. On the way to Redmond, Oregon, we got perfect view of Mt Thielsen (last photo).

Day 3 was spent at Mt Hood.

Day 4 was driving down to Crescent City, CA with a detour to Shaniko, Oregon. Not much in Shaniko, but it was nice to see the “countryside” of Oregon.

Day of return back to Bay area, we stopped by Prarie Creek Visitor Center and saw these bull bachelor elks.