Oregon 2019

Recently, I took a roadtrip up to Oregon. People I talked to, to find more info on the drive, etc said that I’ll love it. And they were right. I LOVED it. Definitely will go back in the future. With that being said, let’s jump into suggested travels!

Northern California:

1) Redwoods:

– Avenue of the Giants

2) Ferndale, CA: great little Victorian town to stop in and stay in. Another close city to stay for the night is Fortuna, CA. Apparently, last weekend in July is Fortuna’s vintage car auto. So if you’re into vintage car auto shows, you’re in the right place!

3) Roosevelt Elks:

a) Orick, CA (there couple possible locations to see elks, but not guaranteed!)

– Kuchel Visitor Center

– Prarie Creek National Park (at Elk Meadow in front of Visitor Center)


1) US-101: Oregon Coast Drive

Tip: was told by fellow couple staying at the same B&B as me in Feendale, CA told me that when driving through Port Orford, OR, be careful. Drive at speed limit only. Not even 1 mph over! Police there are stickler for driving AT and ONLY AT speed limit.

2) Crater Lake National Park

3) Roosevelt Elks:

a) Reedsport, OR

– Dean Elk Viewing Area

Man, as I finish typing this blog, I’m still reminiscing about this trip! Sometimes, you just gotta get out there and explore! 😎 Man, all the things you’ll see and smell and feel! Just awesomely mind blowing! 😁🤯

The route I took:

Day 1:

1) Ferndale, CA

– one night at Shaw House Bed and Breakfast

Day 2:

2) continue North on US-101. Once I hit Reedsport, OR, I took OR-38 through the mountains to I-5.

3) Arrive in Eugene, OR.

– One night at Best Western Greentrea.

Day 3:

4) Checked out Eugene, OR.

5) Drove to Crater Lake National Park via OR-58

Day fee: $25

W/ pass: free

6) Drove 8 hours home

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