Redwoods 2018

I can not begin to tell you how much I love the redwoods. Also, I can not stress how many times to my friends that if you have not been there before, YOU NEED TO GO. Its a serene and beautiful place. Thus far, I have been there 4 times. 2 times with family and the other 2 times with friends.

Where I live, city hustle and bustle life is the big picture. Every moment its constantly on the get go. Its always “do this” or “do that” or even while “doing this” “do that” as well! Never a quiet moment to oneself. Oh, thats not to mention, our traffic congestion nightmare! Add that in and you have yourself a whole freakin stressful year! Ok, maybe two in one!

However, the difference in atmosphere up there is just absolutely magical and awe-striking.

Heres some photos and video from my most recent trip up there. Enjoy!

Towering Giants
Dyerville Giant

Facts about the Dyerville Giant:

Death: 1991
Height: 362 ft.
Age: around 2,000 years old
Reason: toppled due to rainstorm

The way it toppled and laid there ever since was also amazing to see. All the gigantic splintered pieces of wood, etc.

Next, I recorded a short video for my viewers and readers to get a sense of how tall the trees truly are. Also, just listen to the tress swaying back and forth and the birds chirping. Its just so serene. Great place for meditation and self healing.

254 Avenue of the Giants scenic route

Eel River

Heres a link to my youtube channel:
From Milpitas, CA, it is about 5 to 6 hours drive.

When booking for hotels, I booked directly with Best Western. Just shop different towns for cheapest price.

Good place to stop for gas is here:

Right off of US 101 N.

Be careful though, when going South after filling up, need to take a little detour.

Hope ya’ll enjoyed this recommenadtion!